About United We Give

Provides affordable childcare for working parents  by shopping online.

United We Give is a unique charitable giving program of Payment Solutions that enables merchants to contribute to their community while contributing to their bottom line. You can give to the community AND grow your profits.

The unique aspect to United We Give is that, while you designate a United Way organization as the recipient of a portion of the transaction fees generated by your customers, you don’t have to financially contribute anything. All you have to do is choose the low, overhead-reducing rates of United We Give from Payment Solutions to provide your transaction processing and United We Give makes the donation.


What portion of my transaction fees is donated to United Way?

One basis point per transaction, which is a small number by itself, but the amounts to be given to United Way will quickly add up as your customers realize they can donate to your local United Way just by making the purchases that they normally make.

What if there is no United Way organization in my community? 

You may select any of the 1,800 United Way organizations around the world to give to. Or, if you wish, you may designate the recipient as United Way of Weld County (Colorado), the home United Way organization of United We Give.

How will my participation in United We Give help my business?

Most Americans like to support local, nonprofit organizations. United We Give gives them the opportunity to provide financial support to organizations in their community through United Way without doing anything other than spend their money on goods and services that they would normally. This ability will make them more likely to frequent United We Give participants.

In addition, United We Give from Payment Solutions offers low processing rates for flexible solutions designed to meet the needs of individual businesses – you choose the rate that works for you. With United We Give, you can benefit from the low rates for your bottom line while benefiting your community at the same time.

How do I let my customers know we participate in United We Give?

We have templates of marketing materials to help you easily promote your United We Give membership.